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Le Mark


An outstanding quality, industry standard, reversible dance floor. It’s perfectly suited for a variety of contemporary dance styles in drama schools, theatres, TV studios and exhibitions. It’s also been designed to stand up to the rigours of both tap and flamenco dance. Whether installed permanently or used for touring performances, the built in fibre glass mineral layer allows for a fast lay and retains dimensional stability to resist stretching and bubbling.

• Outstanding quality
• Multi-purpose reversible dance floor surface
• Reversible black/grey and black/white options
• Portable and permanent installation
• Satin matt finish, ideal for professional lighting
• Slip resistant surface offers dancers’ confidence but also allows smoothness of movement

Coda™ Reversible dance floor is available in two standard colours, black/grey and black/white.

Installation: Portable & Permanent

Roll Width: 2m

Standard Roll Length: 15m, 20m

Colours: Black/Grey, Black/White

Thickness: 1.5mm

Weight: 1.8kg/m2

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