Vesuvio II

Vesuvio II


Vesuvio II illuminates bursts of fog with advanced RGBA+UV LED color mixing, providing ferocious effects for events and performances. Featuring an impressive 40,000 cubic feet of fog per minute, it boasts a best in class 40 seconds of full burst output. New dual LED sections give greater creative control for a more even coverage of light. The Vesuvio II is built for efficiency, consuming only 80 ml/min of QDF fluid. This highly versatile unit can run in three different positions: vertically, horizontally or from overhead with mounting brackets. 

  • Advanced red, green, blue, amber, and UV (RGBA/UV) LED color mixing

  • 40 second continuous bursts of fog, for intense effects and performance

  • 40,000 CFM fog output for intense, large effects

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