Alpha Spot 700 HPE

Alpha Spot 700 HPE

Clay Paky

This luminaire combines spectacular effects, ease of daily use, simple operation and environmental sustainability. The 700 watt lamp provides a level of brightness equal, if not greater, than that seen with higher wattages. The small and light-weight body houses an array of optical and graphic devices that have nothing to envy from more sophisticated fixtures, including a zoom with electronic focus and electronic dimmer. The frost effect and its extraordinary brightness allow this spotlight to be used in the place of a washlight. The keywords for Alphas Spot HPE 700 are: full beam control, complete range of graphic effects, brightness, speed, low energy consumption and versatile use.

Light source
700 W discharge lamp
Light output
Zoom range

14.7°- 35°

Iris, two gobo wheels, one fixed color wheel, prism, frost

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